The new Garmin Xero C1 Ace is a pocket-sized chronograph that precisely gauges shot speeds from 100 to 5,000 feet each second.

Quick and easy to set up, the Xero C1 Ace highlights a button-worked plan and instinctive UI. Matched with the new ShotView cell phone application,

far reaching speed information is coordinated and effectively open straightforwardly from the client's telephone. Not with standing projectiles, 

the Xero C1 Genius can catch speed information for bolts, crossbow bolts, shotgun slugs, and paintballs - as well as airsoft gadgets. 

During a shooting meeting, it will show the speed of the shot, shot count, and normal speed, as well as standard deviation and outrageous spread after each shot.

After the meeting, the unit will give an on-screen synopsis, including the base, greatest, and normal speed of the shots, 

as well as outrageous spread and standard deviation. The presentation can likewise be altered to show power factor

The gadget will naturally adjust with the ShotView application, which enables clients to stamp shots as perfect/cold drag and reject exceptions

Clients can likewise make custom names for every meeting and add nitty gritty notes for both explicit shots and the whole meeting.

At 3" W x 2.8" H x 1.4" D, the Xero C1 Expert is more modest than a deck of cards and weighs a little more than 100 grams,