ASSO Montreal: The Hay Babies have fun in their first country festival

Parc Jean-Drapeau took on the appearance of a Western American this Friday when tens of thousands of country music fans gathered there.

On this first day of the festival, the show of the sparkling Acadian female trio Les Hay Babies made us proud to be Canadian.

Known for their sound combining indie, folk and country influences, as well as their unique

comedic and playful way of delivering their compositions, the Canadian Hay Babies were in great shape.

Proud Acadians "Hello LASSO! It doesn't look like we're in Montreal, it looks like we're in New Brunswick.

 We are the Hays Babies, we are Acadians," they said, in front of their large pink and orange logos, between two songs.

Dressed in high black sequined leggings and black T-shirts marked Wanted, the three Moncton-born singer-songwriters delivered the goods. 

They put on a show in their own image: energetic, eccentric and completely seductive. "New Brunswick is the poorest province in Canada, which makes quality people,"