Why are some of the students able to crack the NEET exams? 2023

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is one of the most competitive and sought-after medical entrance exams in India. Every year, millions of aspiring doctors across the country prepare rigorously to secure a coveted seat in medical colleges. However, the journey to cracking NEET is not the same for everyone. Some students breeze through it effortlessly, while others find it to be an insurmountable challenge. Have you ever wondered why this disparity exists?

Why are some of the students able to crack the NEET exams?
Why are some of the students able to crack the NEET exams?

In this article, we will delve into the factors that contribute to Why are some of the students able to crack the NEET exams? aspirants and explore how you can enhance your chances of acing this critical examination.

Is This Why are some of the students able to crack the NEET exams?

Students are able to crack the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) exams for several reasons:

  1. Preparation and Hard Work: Success in NEET requires dedicated and rigorous preparation. Many successful candidates put in consistent effort over an extended period of time, often dedicating two or more years to prepare for the exam. They study the required subjects thoroughly, practice regularly, and solve numerous sample papers and mock tests.
  2. Effective Study Strategies: Successful NEET aspirants employ effective study strategies. They break down the syllabus into manageable sections, set goals, and create study schedules. They focus on understanding concepts, revising regularly, and taking detailed notes.
  3. Quality Study Material: Using high-quality study materials, textbooks, and reference books is crucial. Some students enroll in coaching institutes or online courses that provide structured study plans and access to experienced instructors.
  4. Time Management: Time management is vital in NEET preparation. Successful candidates allocate time efficiently to cover all subjects and topics. They prioritize weak areas while ensuring they don’t neglect their strengths.
  5. Consistent Practice: Regular practice of sample questions and previous years’ papers is essential. This helps students become familiar with the exam pattern and improves their problem-solving skills.
  6. Mock Tests: Taking mock tests under exam conditions is crucial for success. It helps students manage time during the actual exam, reduces anxiety, and boosts confidence.
  7. Self-Discipline: Successful candidates often exhibit strong self-discipline. They minimize distractions, maintain a healthy study routine, and stay motivated throughout the preparation process.
  8. Mental and Physical Health: Taking care of mental and physical health is essential. Stress management techniques, a balanced diet, and regular exercise help candidates stay focused and maintain their energy levels.
  9. Seeking Help When Needed: Many students seek help from teachers, mentors, or peers when they encounter challenging topics. They are not hesitant to clarify doubts and seek guidance.
  10. Adaptability: NEET is a competitive exam, and the pattern may change from year to year. Successful candidates adapt to these changes and stay updated with the latest exam trends and updates.
  11. Belief in themselves: Believing in one’s abilities is crucial. Confidence plays a significant role in tackling challenging questions and staying motivated during the preparation phase.
  12. Learning from Mistakes: Successful NEET candidates learn from their mistakes and constantly strive to improve. They analyze their performance in mock tests and work on their weak points.
  13. Motivation and Ambition: Having a strong motivation to pursue a career in medicine or dentistry drives many students to excel in NEET. Their ambition to achieve their goals fuels their determination.

The Power of Determination

One of the paramount attributes shared by successful NEET candidates is unwavering determination. Achieving a high rank in NEET requires months, if not years, of dedicated preparation. Students who consistently put in the effort to study, practice, and improve their skills are more likely to succeed. It’s not about innate intelligence but rather the commitment to stay the course.

Effective Study Strategies

Studying for NEET is not just about cramming information; it’s about adopting effective study strategies.Successful candidates frequently enhance their learning using strategies like mind mapping, active recall, and spaced repetition. These techniques not only aid in memory but also improve comprehension, making it simpler to apply topics throughout the exam.

Good Study Resources

Another important element in the success of NEET is having access to high-quality study materials. The top students make investments in thorough textbooks, online tools, and coaching plans that offer a well-organized curriculum and lots of practice problems. They don’t only rely on old or insufficient materials, which guarantees that they are adequately prepared for the test.

Skills in Time Management

Every NEET applicant has a finite amount of time, and how they use it can make or break their chances. Successful students carefully manage their study time, allotting enough time to cover each subject in depth. Their ability to review and revise material before the exam is ensured by effective time management.

Exam practice and mock tests

The adage “practice makes perfect” also applies to NEET. Top performers practice for exams by taking a ton of practice exams and worksheets. They gain confidence and experience less worry on the day of the exam since they are more familiar with the exam format.

Looking for Direction and Clarification

When faced with difficult subjects, successful NEET candidates don’t hesitate to ask mentors, teachers, or other students for advice. They take an active part in discussion boards, forums, and online communities to clear up questions and develop a deeper understanding of difficult topics.

Maintaining Good Physical and Mental Health

Although frequently disregarded, maintaining excellent physical and mental health is essential for success in NEET. Regular physical activity, a healthy diet, and enough sleep restore the mind and body, enabling pupils to concentrate and provide their best effort during the exam.

Controlling Exam Stress

NEET’s high stakes nature is known to cause anxiety. Successful applicants, however, have techniques for properly handling this stress. They are assisted in remaining serene and peaceful during the exam by techniques including deep breathing, meditation, and positive imagery.

Revision and consistency

The cornerstones of NEET success are regular revision and consistent study habits. The top students stick to a regular study schedule and occasionally review previously covered topics. This not only solidifies their knowledge but also aids in pointing out any areas that still need work.


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There is no specific rank in NEET that can be considered the “safest” because the safety of a rank depends on various factors, including the competition in a given year and the availability of seats in medical colleges. In NEET, a lower rank is generally more desirable, as it indicates better performance and a higher likelihood of securing admission to a preferred medical or dental college. However, what rank is considered safe can vary from year to year and among different states and categories (e.g., general, OBC, SC, ST). It’s essential for aspirants to aim for the best possible rank to maximize their chances of getting admission to their desired college and course.

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Final Thoughts

Cracking the NEET exam is not solely about being a genius; it’s about adopting the right mindset and study techniques. Successful students are those who combine determination, effective study strategies, quality study materials, time management skills, practice, guidance, good health, stress management, consistency, and revision.

By focusing on these aspects, you can significantly enhance your chances of joining the ranks of NEET success stories. Remember, it’s not about where you start, but how you journey toward your goal that ultimately defines your success in NEET.


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